How To Get Rid Of A Vehicle That Is Not Running And Taking Up Space In Your Driveway

If you have an older vehicle that is no longer running or safe to drive, getting it out of the driveway can be challenging. Junk car removal services are one option that you may want to consider, and depending on the car's condition, you may be able to sell it and make a few dollars from the vehicle. 

Junk Car Buyers

In many parts of the country, scrap metal recycling is a thriving business, and a junk car buyer will often look for cars or trucks that are too far gone to repair. The buyer will usually offer to purchase the vehicle from you for a low price and remove it for free. 

The vehicle is then taken to a recycling yard, where any part that can't be recycled is removed. The interior, the tires, rubber hoses and belts, and any other parts that would contaminate the steel must come off before the recycler can crush the car and deliver the steel to a scrap yard that will prepare it for refining the steel for new products. 

Many of the parts that come off the car before it is crushed are resellable as used parts, so an industrious recycler can make money on the scrap and sell some of the used parts from the vehicle. Some items like batteries and tires also have their own recycling potential, and when held and then recycled in large quantities, these items can add to the profit the scrap yard makes on each vehicle.

The profits can be good if the junk car buyer can purchase the car at a low price, which is why they typically look for vehicles that are beyond repair that they can pick up for less than a couple hundred dollars. The less they pay for the junk car, the better the profit is for the business. 

Repair And Resale Businesses

If you have a car in reasonable shape but is not running, some services offer junk car removal, but instead of scrapping the car, they will repair it and then try and resell the vehicle for a profit.

Like the scrap recycler, these services will seek to purchase the car at the lowest price possible so they can repair and sell it at a profit. If the junk car removal service buys the vehicle and cannot fix it, they may use some of the parts from it in their business and sell the remaining pieces to a scrap metal yard. 

Often these repair businesses are good are assessing if they can fix the vehicle, and if they determine it is beyond repair when they look at it, they may still offer to purchase it for a low price just for the parts. Popular or common cars may use some of the same elements across several models, and the parts are often more valuable than the entire car to a repair and resale business. 

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