A Rental Van Could Make Your Family Vacation A Lot More Comfortable And Fun

If you're planning a family vacation, and you'll be driving a long distance, consider renting a van. Your kids will have more space and everyone will have a nice view of the scenery out the window.

A van is comfortable to drive too, so driving for long hours will be more tolerable. Plus, a van has plenty of storage space, so it's ideal for a family vacation. You'll also save mileage and wear and tear on your family car. Here's what you need to know about getting a rental van for your vacation.

Prices Vary By Time Of Year

Prices for renting vans may go up over holiday periods and during the summer. When you get quotes for a weekly rate, try putting in different pickup and return dates to see how you can get the best deal. Even varying the rental term might make a difference.

You might get a weekly rate that's lower than the rate for a three-day weekend. Look at different prices so you know what's available and see if you can work your vacation dates around lower prices.

You May Need To Buy Insurance Too

Buying insurance makes the cost of your van rental higher, but it's risky to drive without good coverage. The rental van company will probably offer insurance, but you might check with your own insurance company first. It's always good to verify that your insurance policy covers rental vans. If so, you can provide your own insurance and you won't have to pay extra.

You Might Need Documents If You Use A Debit Card

You can usually pay for a rental van when you turn it in with a debit or credit card, but you might need extra documentation when you pick up the van with a debit card as opposed to a credit card. Policies vary, so be sure to ask about using a debit card if that's what you want to use. That way, you'll be prepared with the documents you need.

You Might Have To Pay Mileage

Some rental van companies offer unlimited mileage. Others charge after a certain number of miles, and others may charge for all mileage. This could add quite a bit to your costs if you're going on a long-distance vacation.

Also, ask if you can cross state lines. You may be limited to driving in your state or a nearby state. Be sure to read and understand all of the policies that apply to you and what can trigger extra fees so you're prepared to pay when you return the rental van. 

For more info about available rental vans, call a company like 314VANS.