How To Approach Auto Collision Repair After An Accident

A car accident can leave a person without a vehicle for several days or weeks. That's why it's important to approach getting your car fixed as soon as possible. It's not always as simple as getting a check from the insurance company the same day and getting your car into a shop. It can be more involved than that. There are a few things you should remember when getting your vehicle in for auto collision repair.

Go to the Insurance Company First

After any auto accident, you should take photos of all the damage immediately. The next step is to contact your insurance company about the accident. If you didn't cause the accident, then you need to contact the insurance company of the other party. Some insurance companies require that you go to a specific auto body shop for an estimate. They may give you two or three options. In some cases, an insurance company may just ask you to get two or more estimates, and then they will go with the cheapest option. The sooner you get your vehicle in for an estimate, the sooner you can get a check to pay for the damage.

Schedule the Repair

Once you've gotten approval from the insurance company for a particular estimate, then you can go ahead and schedule the repair. While your check may come soon, it may take several days or weeks. You'll want to schedule the repair for a time that you'll be able to pay for it. As part of the scheduling process, ask for an estimate for when the repairs will be completed. This will allow you to plan for your insurance money to arrive so you are able to pay for the repairs. You may also need to plan to be without a vehicle for that period of time. Some insurance companies will schedule a rental car for you, so you'll want to see if that's available through your policy.

Make Sure the Repair Is Satisfactory

Auto collision repair should be reviewed. Most auto collision shops want to make your vehicle look as good, if not better, than it did before the accident. Make sure you go over the repairs with an auto collision repair technician to make sure you are satisfied with what has been done. Many repairs, especially for seriously damaged cars, can be complex. If you notice that something isn't working right, many repairs do have a guarantee for a period of time after you take the vehicle home. Make sure to get it back in if you notice any issues.

Working with an insurance company immediately after an accident will help you get your repairs quickly. Getting the necessary quotes, scheduling a good time for the repair, and making sure the repairs are satisfactory will ensure your experience getting your vehicle fixed goes as smoothly as possible.