Is Your Transmission Failing? Signs You Need Transmission Repair

Transmission repair is something many car owners face from time to time. The average transmission should last around seven years or so but may last longer — or reach its prime sooner — depending on the miles that are put on it. On average, a transmission will last up to 200,000 miles.

You can do many things to keep your transmission in healthy condition, including draining its fluids and keeping the oil in check. Regular flushing of the engine component can help as well.

Your transmission will give you signs of failure if you know what to look for. The sooner you can identify that your transmission is in need of repair, the sooner you can get your vehicle to the transmission shop. Here are signs transmission repair is in the near future.

Your vehicle has many miles on it

Look at the odometer of your vehicle. If you have put close to 200,000 miles on your transmission and you have not had the unit repaired or replaced or you cannot remember the last time you had your transmission specifically serviced, you may be due for either repairs or replacement of this piece of machinery. Your transmission shop specialist will inspect your transmission and give you a report on its current health. If nothing else is needed, you can possibly get by with flushing and replenishing your transmission fluids and oils.

Your vehicle has gear problems

When you put your transmission into gear, does your car rock or make a grinding sound? Does your vehicle take a few seconds or a bit to respond to your gears when you try to shift from park into drive or reverse? Does your car make a rumbling sensation as it shifts speeds and gears? If so, your transmission may be to blame. Do not travel long distances in your vehicle until you have had your transmission successfully inspected.

Your car is leaking transmission fluid

Transmission fluid is different from engine and brake oil, mainly by color. Transmission fluid is usually purple or red in color, and if a leak is detected, your transmission is in trouble. Luckily, transmission fluid leaks can be fixed at a much lower cost than replacing the transmission outright if they're caught early: transmission leaks cost around $200 to repair, so long as the transmission doesn't have to be removed from your vehicle to fix it.

If your vehicle is leaking transmission or any other type of fluid, see a mechanic right away. Your transmission shop professional will assist you in getting the most out of your transmission so you don't have to replace it until its actual end of life.